Updated: 14 April 2022

What is live online training?

We created live online training for people who can’t spend two days in London. It offers a similar learning experience to our face-to-face communication skills training.

Here’s how it works:

  • 4 live sessions over a 2-week period
  • each session is 2½ hours long
  • join via Zoom at suitable times for Europe, America and Australia
  • cohorts of 4–10 students

We started live online training in early 2021. Students joined from both the UK and as far away as California and New York. People tell us that they love the flexibility of this format.

Jonathan Kahn delivers a communication skills training course live via Zoom
Live online training offers a similar experience to our face-to-face courses. Photo: Together London

We redesigned the course exercises to make use of Zoom’s strengths. This includes:

  • pair work and small-group discussions in breakout rooms
  • audio-visual features like watching videos together to learn about leadership styles
  • exercises which take advantage of the fact that students are at home or in the office
  • homework to complete between sessions—in the workplace—and then review together

The timing of the course offers a key benefit over face-to-face training. You can use the time between sessions to try out your new communication skills in the workplace. You’ll then report back to the group about how it went. This means that you’ll see improvements in your soft skills while the course is still in progress! You’ll also have time to reflect on how your real-life practice went. And get help with next steps from the trainer.

The course starts with an exercise where each student identifies their goals. This allows the trainer to customise your experience. Then you’ll practise new skills through games, exercises and role-plays. Your cohort will be no larger than 10 students. That means there’s plenty of time to focus on what you want to achieve. You’ll get personalised feedback from your trainer. You’ll learn skills that you can apply to everyday work—right away. And you’ll have fun while you’re doing it.

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Benefits of live online training

Live online training widens access to people who can’t spend two days in a city centre location. It does this while keeping many features of our face-to-face courses. This makes it the most accessible trainer-led format.

We recommend that you choose this option if you want to learn in a small group and can’t spend two days in London.

The benefits of live online training include:

  • short online sessions fit in with other commitments
  • two-week duration provides more time to absorb the techniques
  • watching your cohort learn as you support each other
  • realistic role-plays help you apply skills at work
  • practising skills in the workplace between sessions
  • personalised guidance and feedback

Let’s discuss each of these benefits in turn.

Short online sessions fit in with other commitments

Many people who want to sign up for our courses can’t spend two days in London. Some live too far away. Others have work or family commitments. This means it’s not practical to commit two full days to training. That’s why we make sessions for our live online training 2½ hours long. You can fit them in around other commitments.

We also schedule sessions to suit different time zones. Sessions are either:

  • morning for Europe, evening for Australia, or
  • afternoon for Europe, morning for America

This means that you can access the course from anywhere with an Internet connection. (If these times don’t work for you, please let us know.)

Two-week duration provides more time to absorb the techniques

An intensive course can feel like a transformation. The downside: it’s harder to absorb the techniques, because everything happens so fast. Some people prefer a slower pace with more gaps. We’ve found that four sessions over a two-week period offers a pragmatic balance. There’s enough time to learn new skills and absorb them. You also get to try out what you’ve learnt in the “real world” of your workplace.

Two people having a conversation at a table
The course includes time to try out your skills in the workplace between sessions. Photo: Unsplash

Watch your cohort learn as you support each other

You can’t learn interpersonal skills on your own. You do it with other people. Our live online training supports this by playing to Zoom’s strengths. Zoom is great for connecting with other people in real time. We use it to enable group learning for your cohort.

Across the four sessions you’ll watch your fellow students develop their soft skills. You’ll help them by offering feedback and taking part in role plays. You’ll get support and feedback from your cohort in return. It’s a mutual exchange.

This is how we create the most effective learning experience possible online. We harness the power of a group of students working together.

Realistic role-plays help you apply skills at work

Most students find that new techniques don’t “click”—or make sense—until they’ve tried them out in a real scenario. During the live online training you’ll take part in realistic role-plays. These exercises show you how to apply soft skills in the workplace.

Although that might sound tricky over Zoom, we’ve found that it works well. Since video meetings are now normal, our role-plays feel like the real thing. You don’t have to pretend.

Practise skills in the workplace between sessions

This format includes time to try out your skills in the workplace between sessions. We’ll set homework to complete between sessions. Things like trying out a listening technique or giving feedback. You’ll then report back at the next session. You’ll discuss how it went with other students and get feedback and coaching from the trainer.

This means you’ll see changes in your soft skills before the course is over. It also gives you a chance to ask questions after you’ve practised in real life.

Jonathan Kahn leads a soft skills course
Jonathan Kahn is an experienced communication skills trainer. Photo: Paul Clarke

Personalised guidance and feedback

Jonathan Kahn is Founder of Together London. He’s an experienced communication skills trainer. The course includes time for Jonathan to give you guidance, coaching and feedback. It will be specific to your goals, experience level and the scenarios that you encounter at work.

Not sure whether live online training would suit you? Book at free 15-minute consultation to find out.

Who is the course suitable for?

Live online training is suitable for anyone who wants to be more effective at work. It’s designed for all levels of experience. Whether you’re an experienced communicator or are starting your career. If you:

  • want to learn many approaches and techniques
  • appreciate specific guidance that’s relevant to your goals
  • enjoy learning in a supportive group setting
  • need flexibility
  • would like time to practise and absorb what you’ve learnt between sessions
  • can attend online training during business hours

…then this course is for you.

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Reviews from past students

Here’s what students who completed the live online course had to say about it:

  • “I enjoyed the improv, the theoretical side such as high/low status and the chance to practise real examples. Jonathan was great at challenging us with excellent feedback and trying things out again. The size of the group worked well—we each had plenty of time for practice.”

    Calliste, Oxford University Press

  • “Covers lots of bases, gives you a set of tools/frameworks and a lot of personal insights into your own strengths and weaknesses to build on. The role-playing exercises were very helpful as was Jonathan’s feedback and that of the other students. I liked the way Jonathan built the course around our different priorities.”

    Emma, The National Gallery

  • “The course helps you understand what authentic conversation actually looks like. And gives you a way to practise and discuss it. It gave me the space to explore and understand my needs when going into a meeting and how to prepare.”

    James, Cabinet Office

  • “I recommend this course for those who want to inspire others with strong soft skills as much as their strong technical skills. Through a combination of games and group discussions, we had a lot of fun while also learning.”

    Julia, Google

Pricing & what’s included

Live online training costs +

The price includes:

  • 4 × 2½ hour live Zoom sessions
  • cohorts of 4–10 students
  • personalised coaching from your trainer, Jonathan Kahn
  • practise your new skills between sessions
  • digital handout explaining the techniques, the theory and links to further reading

Digital handout

We’ll send you a digital handout that explains all of the techniques we cover in the course. This means that you don’t need to make notes during the exercises. If you forget anything you can refer to the handout. It also explains the theory behind each of the techniques and provides links to further reading.

Dates & how to sign up

You can find upcoming cohorts below. Session dates and times are in your local time zone. To sign up:

  • select the cohort you want to join
  • enter your details into the form
  • pay by credit/debit card

We’ll then email you with confirmation, a receipt and all the details you need to attend the course. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming cohorts:

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