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What is a communication skills assessment?

This assessment finds your strengths and growth opportunities. Use it to decide whether to work on communication skills. Here’s how it works.

  • First we identify the areas of your job which call for interpersonal skills.
  • Then we ask you whether you agree with a series of statements.

This lets to work out your skill level in several areas of communication.

The test takes less than 10 minutes. As soon as you’ve finished, we’ll generate a Communication Profile and email it to you.

Benefits of taking the test

Communication is a broad topic. It’s hard to tackle it all at once. This assessment helps you focus on what’s important.

The benefits of taking the test include:

  • a report that’s specific to your situation
  • identify areas to work on
  • takes less than 10 minutes, with no strings attached

Let’s take each of in turn.

A report that’s specific to your situation

A lot of advice about communication is general. It may not apply to you. Each person is different. As is each job. For example, some people need to give lots of presentations. Others need to manage stakeholders. It goes on.

And it’s not only jobs that differ. It’s also people’s skills and experience.

Your answers will show us which skills are most important to you. And where there’s room for growth. Instead of generic advice, you get a prioritised list of suggestions.

Identify areas to work on

You want to work on communication, but you don’t know where to start. This assessment answers that question. Think of it as a prioritisation tool.

Your report is our best guess of what you need based on the answers you gave us. Even if it isn’t exactly right, it will give you a good starting point.

Takes less than 10 minutes, with no strings attached

In under 10 minutes you’ll have a custom Communication Profile with ideas for next steps. No need to talk to anyone. No pressure to use our services. No strings attached. And it’s free.

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