It’s become a cliché to emphasise collaboration in tech: we’re constantly told to build cross-functional teams and break down the silos. Some even claim that so-called “soft skills” are more important than technical skills. But if that’s true, why does all the training focus on the latter?

The truth is that the communication skills required for fast-paced digital innovation aren’t natural human traits. They’re based on specific behaviours which require deliberate practice. The good news: with the right support network, anyone can learn these skills.

Leading digital teams like the Government Digital Service, Deliveroo and the British Oceanographic Data Centre trust Together London’s training to equip their engineers, designers and product managers with these skills.

Our in-house training starts with the basics and works up to advanced topics, including:

  • active listening and coaching skills
  • giving and receiving effective feedback
  • managing stakeholders and resolving conflicts

Courses can either follow the syllabus of our Advanced Communication Skills course or be tailored to your requirements.

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