Together London Membership

Practise facilitation, coaching and listening techniques through live webinars, weekly exercises by email, and private group discussions.

#dareconf: learn facilitation, coaching and listening techniques

Three events for 2015!

agile content conf

Watch talks to learn how to use agile methods to work together on content.

London Agile Content Meetup

1800 members, monthly events about applying agile methods to content

Bring us into your organisation

We bring workshops and training in-house:

“Jonathan’s workshop is perfect if you want to shake up the established culture of your organisation and start collaborating on content that your customers can actually use. We really enjoyed the different games, exercises, case studies from inside and outside our organisation and general thought-provoking discussion that made up the day.”
—Robin Lynch, Head of Editorial and Content Strategy, Barclays Digital

We can also facilitate meetings and organise internal conferences. Contact us to discuss.

About Together London

Together London was founded by Jonathan Kahn in 2008. We organise events where digital professionals learn facilitation, coaching, and listening skills. Find out about our work by reading Jonathan’s blog or following him on twitter.

Communication workshop: listen, facilitate, coach

Learn techniques to inspire people to work with you: 13 April 2015, London

Agile content workshop

Use agile methods to work together on content: 11 May 2015, London