London Agile Content Meetup

Join people who work with digital content—from diverse backgrounds—to share ideas, learn, and network.

On Monday 3 February our popular lightning talks event returns, where each speaker gets 5 minutes and 20 slides (15 seconds per slide) to share their unique perspectives on agile content in a blur of energy, passion and intensity. The buzz is incredible—you should try it!

Propose a lightning talk

Propose a lightning talk

Tell us all what you’re working on, something you’ve done, or something you’ve learnt about digital content, agile, or crossing boundaries. We’re looking for a broad mix of speakers from all disciplines and backgrounds with no experience of public speaking necessary. We’re excited to hear what you have to say.

Submit your idea using this simple form by midnight on Thursday 19 December and we’ll announce the speakers shortly afterwards. Good luck!

Get inspired

Still in need of a little inspiration and encouragement? Watch these two talks from our February event, and read Scott Berkun’s excellent guide to giving a lightning talk.

Our venue: The Book Club

We’re delighted to be back at The Book Club in Shoreditch, which manages to be beautiful, hip, intimate, and friendly, all at the same time. Watch out for full details on the event page, and if you haven’t joined the meetup yet, join now—it’s free.

The Book Club

Get a feel for London Agile Content Meetup by watching talks from previous events.

  • Sarah Richards: How to Convince People that Content Strategy is Worth the Effort

    video thumbnail

    Sarah Richards lead Content Designer for the revolutionary website, shares her four-step plan to success:

    • Pre-one: find their pain points.
    • Sales—to a degree.
    • Education—if they will learn.
    • KPIs.
    • Find a senior champion.
    • Patience: if you keep going and they don’t listen to you after a year—they don’t deserve you.

    Recorded at Content Strategy Lightning Talks 3, November 2012.

  • Chris Atherton: Nonprofit, Zero Content: Designing a Durable Framework Before Content Exists

    video thumbnail

    When the government asked Numiko to design a digital strategy for its Time to Change initiative, there was hardly any existing content. Fortunately, there was a clear purpose: to help young people understand and talk about mental health. Chris explains how Numiko used personas and content mapping to build a strong framework from the earliest stages of the project.

    • Learn how interviews and card-sorts can inform persona development.
    • Hear why mapping user journeys can identify key points for content creation and delivery.
    • Understand how a user-centered approach at the earliest stages can yield a lasting content framework.

    Recorded at User-Centred Content Strategy for Young and Old, May 2013.

  • Meri Williams: 7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Agile Content Development

    video thumbnail

    Meri has managed teams at Procter and Gamble and recently at the Government Digital Service, where she was part of the team that launched the single government website GOV.UK. She shares her perspective on how multidisciplinary teams can use Agile methodologies to create user-centred services quickly—and where she sees content strategy within that mix.

    Recorded at User-Centred Content Strategy for Young and Old, May 2013.

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Who organises the meetup, the types of events we run, and why you should come.

Who organises the meetup?

Together London organises the London Agile Content Meetup. Our first event was in May 2011 and we now have more than 1400 members.

Who comes to the meetup? Should I come?

If you work with content, your’re welcome! Our members are from a diverse range of backgrounds, professions, and industries. Members include content strategists, information architects, user experience professionals, marketers, technical writers, content management experts, web editors, web designers and developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and community managers.

What happens at the meetup?

At our lightning talks events we feature ten five-minute lightning talks from a diverse range of speakers, usually at an informal venue like a bar. Our more formal events include longer talks by invited speakers, with space for everyone to sit down. After the talks we run an interactive panel–anyone can take part–and then “content strategy speed dating”, where everyone participates in debates in small groups.

How do I join?

Join at It’s free and it only takes a minute. You’ll get email updates about new events, and you can also follow the meetup on twitter.

Will I feel welcome at the meetup?

We hope so. We’ve published an acceptable behaviour policy that explains how we expect members to behave at our events, and the actions we’d take if anyone behaves in an unacceptable way.

Where do you hold the events?

So far our venues have included Google Campus, Hub Kings Cross, the Book Club in Shoreditch, the Shooting Star pub in the City, and Forward Technology in Camden.

Why do you charge for tickets?

We think it’s reasonable to ask members to make a contribution towards the costs of running a professional meetup. We charge a small fee for tickets (typically £10 or less) to help cover costs–things like venue hire, speaker expenses, audiovisual equipment, and recording and editing videos. We aim to break even over the series of meetups using a combination of ticket and sponsor income–which is necessary to make the events sustainable.

What about sponsors?

We’re always looking for sponsors to help support events. We’ve been lucky enough to have the support of organisations including Gather Content, Sticky Content, Cognifide, and Magus. If your organisation wants to reach a group of committed, passionate, and ambitious content strategists, you’re hiring, or you’d like to support the community, get in touch.

Can I present at the meetup?

We run lightning talk events several times a year. Join the meetup and look out for email announcements–we run open calls for talks. Anyone can give a lightning talk, so make sure you volunteer for the next one!

I have another question!

We’d love to hear it: get in touch.