Updated: 15 April 2022

What is a communication coach?

A communication coach works with you, one to one, to improve your communication skills. This approach suits people who need personalised guidance in a private setting. For example, if you need to prepare for a big talk. Or improve your body language in high stakes meetings. Or you want to level up your soft skills for a new role.

Training courses are a great way to learn new techniques and try them out in a group. But some people prefer a more personal approach. Courses teach you general techniques. A coach can focus on your current situation. That means you’ll get relevant feedback that you can apply right away. And you’ll have the chance to try out different approaches with an expert.

Jonathan Kahn is an experienced communication coach. He’s helped hundreds of people to be more effective at work. Sessions happen online via Zoom at a time that suits you.

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a presenter wearing a microphone gives a talk in front of an audience at a conference
People often work with a communication coach to improve their public speaking skills. Photo: Paul Clarke

What topics do we cover?

People often work with Jonathan on topics like:

  • Public speaking. When you have a presentation coming up. Or if you need to get buy-in from leadership for your ideas.
  • Finding a leadership style. When you need to project confidence in your ability to lead while listening to people’s views. Including non verbal communication and eye contact.
  • Giving effective feedback. For example, when you need to oversee other people’s work.
  • Navigating hierarchy. Including how to influence stakeholders and handle pushback.
  • Dealing with conflict and setting boundaries. For example, when you become a line manager or get a new role. Includes using emotional intelligence to understand other points of view.
  • Managing change at work. For example, if you need to roll out a change programme or start a new team.

This isn’t a complete list. If you’re not sure whether the topic you want to work on would fit, you can book a free consultation to discuss.

How does coaching work?

Coaching works by devoting time to improving your communication. You’ll spend this time solving problems and trying out techniques. You’ll also have space to practise with an expert.

It’s an efficient way to build your skills because your coach can focus on what you need. You’ll get advice that’s to the point and easy to apply. And feedback that helps you make progress right away.

During a block of sessions you’ll work with your coach to:

  • set goals for communication
  • unpick challenges and choose next actions
  • try out new techniques
  • rehearse presentations and interactions
  • measure progress against your goals

You’ll agree assignments to complete between sessions. These might include trying out new techniques with a colleague or writing a slide deck for a talk. You’ll review progress at the following session and decide what to focus on next.

a client talks to soft skills coach Jonathan Kahn who appears on her laptop computer via Zoom, in her living room
Communication coaching takes place over Zoom at a time that suits you. Photo: Together London

You can either book a block of sessions in advance or you can book them ad-hoc. We offer a discount when you book a block of 3 sessions. Or subscribe to our unlimited plan for even more savings. It lets you book a session whenever you need it and you can cancel at any time.

Coaching happens over Zoom. Jonathan’s schedule can work with most time zones. You’ll book an hour-long slot at a time that suits you, using our online system.

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Who is coaching suitable for?

Do you need to communicate well to succeed in your job? Would you like to become more effective at work by improving your soft skills? If you answered yes to both questions, communication coaching will suit you.

People often work with a coach when they get a new job. Or if they want to level up their interpersonal skills to match their technical skills. Other common reasons include wanting to improve presentations skills. This might be for external audiences like conferences or for internal team meetings. Or you might need to manage change.

Working with Jonathan will suit you if you:

  • want to focus on a specific skill or prepare for an event
  • prefer working one-to-one instead of in a larger group
  • appreciate direct guidance and feedback
  • want to see quick progress
  • need a confidential environment

If you’re not sure whether it would work for you, why not book a free consultation to discuss?

Benefits of communication coaching

Working with a coach is ideal for people who want one to one support to improve their soft skills.

The benefits of communication coaching include:

  • focusing on the skills that you need right now
  • space to set goals, unpick blockers and choose next steps
  • practising your skills and getting feedback in a private setting

Let’s take each one in turn.

Focus on the skills that you need right now

Because you work one to one with your coach, the whole session focuses on the specific issues you’re facing. Instead of general advice, you get focused guidance. You can apply it as soon as you get back to the office. This means that you can make major progress in a few coaching sessions.

It also means that you can access coaching as and when you need it. Conference presentation coming up? Book in some sessions. Tricky conversation that you’re not sure how to handle? Time to book another call. It’s a solution that adapts to your needs.

Space to set goals, unpick blockers and choose next steps

Good communication is essential to success in the workplace. But it can be hard to put time aside for developing these skills. You can solve this problem by choosing to commit a block of time to working with a coach.

This starts with setting aims for workplace communication. As well as ways to measure whether you’ve met them.

You’ll also have space to work through the blockers you’re facing and unpick what’s going on. Why are you having trouble with a particular colleague? Or why does that person try to block the progress of your project?

Talk it through with your coach and you’ll uncover what’s driving these behaviours. Based on this understanding you’ll come up with a plan for next steps.

Practise your skills and get feedback in a private setting

The truth is that everyone needs to practise their soft skills. Even effective communicators need to keep their skills in shape. But for senior professionals it can be difficult to find a space to try things out and get feedback. Coaching offers a private setting to practise your communication skills. Whether it’s for an important presentation or a tricky meeting with a direct report.

Jonathan will give you feedback and guidance to suit your goals and skill level.

Not sure whether coaching would work for you? Book a free consultation to find out.

Jonathan Kahn, communication coach

Jonathan Kahn is a communication coach. He works in London, across the UK and online. Since 2013 he’s helped hundreds of people to be more effective in the workplace. He coaches people at all levels, from CEOs to new starters.

Jonathan’s coaching style is direct and tailored to your needs. He helps you to unpick what’s going on, identify your aims and understand what’s blocking you. He then shows you techniques, tips and tricks that you’ll use as soon as you get back to the office. He likes to make every session count. To do this he listens to make sure he understands your situation. That lets him offer guidance and feedback which help you to take the next step.

Jonathan enjoys coaching clients over a course of sessions. He’s also happy to provide quick, one-off support when it’s needed.

Jonathan Kahn offering communication coaching to a client
Jonathan Kahn is an experienced soft skills coach. Photo: Paul Clarke

Jonathan has a unique coaching approach. It comes from his unconventional career path, starting in the early days of the Internet.

From making websites to helping people work together

From 2010 onwards, Jonathan ran conferences under the Together London banner. The theme was “user experience”. The rallying cry was that website owners should meet customer needs. He also presented around the world, from the US to Norway.

But despite this success, he realised that he’d made a mistake. He’d blamed business people for bad websites. He thought that they didn’t understand the web. But in fact the cause was elsewhere. People involved in making websites weren’t communicating well.

As it turns out, the main challenge of making a website isn’t writing code. It’s getting people to work together. This insight started Jonathan on the path to becoming a communication coach.

A cross-discipline approach to soft skills

In 2012 he began training in improv with the Spontaneity Shop in Camden. All his work to date builds on this approach. The following year he started #dareconf at the Purcell Room on London’s South Bank. Its strapline: “people skills for digital workers.” The series continued until 2017. Venues included the Barbican and Sadler’s Wells. There was a US version produced with the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Each event combined talks about collaboration with workshop sessions led by Jonathan. In these sessions, students learned active listening, coaching and conflict resolution skills. He also worked with speakers before each event to hone their talks. This gave him insight into how to coach presenters to give talks that audiences love.

Trainer Jonathan Kahn speaks into a microphone as he leads a communication skills session in the Barbican Centre, London
Jonathan Kahn leads a communication skills session at the Barbican Centre in London. Photo: Paul Clarke

During this time Jonathan started training in-house teams, a service which continues today. Clients include the Cabinet Office, Barclays and Deliveroo. This work gives him an inside view into how modern teams work. This topic comes up often during coaching sessions.

In 2016 he trained in Convergent Facilitation with master facilitator Miki Kashtan. This method helps people who are stuck in conflict to agree on solutions. He was later asked by Open Banking to use it. The brief: run a workshop for 80 stakeholders in financial services. They had strong opinions and conflicting agendas. But they needed to agree on technology standards. These standards are now in place, allowing UK banking customers to share their data.

Focus on people skills

Since 2018 Together London has focused on communication skills training and coaching. After more than a decade in London, Jonathan now lives in West Wales with his partner and two children. Away from work he enjoys listening to jazz, baking sourdough and walking the Wales Coast Path.

What do clients say?

  • laura_morgan

    “Jonathan’s unique coaching approach is the reason I first gained the confidence to speak at an event. His calm, insightful, knowledgeable advice is some of the best I’ve had. I’m grateful to him for giving me the tools to develop my own abilities further.”

    Laura Morgan, Senior Product Manager, The Economist

  • jessica_wittebort

    “Jonathan helped me communicate my expertise in a way that meets people where they are. In a sea of coaches, Jonathan is tactical, tested and bespoke. He’s an uncanny listener, able to identify and unpick patterns to help me grow as a professional.”

    Jessica Wittebort, Chief Experience Officer North America, WONGDOODY (Infosys)

  • jo_hamilton_watson

    “I reached out to Jonathan for coaching when I had a difficult conversation coming up. I wanted a different perspective on how to frame it to work for both parties. Recommended for anyone who wants to strengthen their communication toolkit.”

    Jo Hamilton Watson, Global Head of Design Research, HSBC Corporate Bank

Pricing options

We offer three pricing options for communication coaching:

  • unlimited subscription
  • block of 3 sessions
  • one-off session

Unlimited subscription

The unlimited coaching subscription costs + / month

  • book as many sessions as you need, when you need them*
  • no commitment, cancel at any time

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Block of 3 sessions

A block of 3 coaching sessions costs +

  • 3 × 1-hour sessions
  • book all 3 now, or as and when you need them

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One-off session

A one-off coaching session costs +

  • single 1-hour session
  • get immediate support with your communication challenge

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Not sure which option to choose? Book a free consultation to discuss which one would suit you best.

Book a coaching session

You can book communication coaching online. First choose a convenient timeslot and then pay by credit or debit card.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose one of the pricing options:
  2. Enter your details into the booking form.
  3. Choose a timeslot using the Calendly interface. (It detects your time zone.)
  4. Enter your payment details.

Your session is now confirmed. We’ll send you two emails, confirming:

  • the payment
  • the session time plus Zoom connection details

You’ll book future sessions using the same interface. If you have questions or have problems when booking, please contact us.

Assess your skills!

Would you like to know how your communication skills compare? Take our free online assessment to find out! You’ll get a report which shows your strengths and where there’s scope to improve.

The assessment identifies areas of your job that call for soft skills. It also works out your skill level in areas like active listening and body language. As soon as you’ve finished the test we’ll send you a report that shows you which skills to focus on.

An example of a communication profile report including a table of communication skills with scores listed
As soon as you finish the test we’ll send you a Communication Profile.

It takes less than 10 minutes. Why not give it a try?

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Terms and policies

Unlimited coaching plan

* Our unlimited coaching plan is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy:

This subscription provides about 12 coaching sessions in total over a year. You’ll have busier periods where you need more sessions and quieter ones where you don’t need so many. If you end up booking more than 12 sessions over a year, we will discuss other pricing options with you.

Cancellation policy

You may reschedule your coaching session if you give us at least 24 hours notice. We do not offer refunds for cancellations or missed sessions.