Conventional communication training frames conflict as an individual problem that can be resolved by improving your skills. Although you might pick up useful tips from these courses, their approach doesn’t address the root cause of conflict: systems of power.

Most workplace conflicts stem from the unspoken rule that the psychological needs of the most privileged people in the organisation will be prioritised at the expense of almost anything else. Employees must simultaneously comply with this rule and deny that it exists and causes harm.

Our training analyses the oppressive power structures, in the workplace and wider society, that sustain this arrangement. Teams learn to zoom out from the specific circumstances of their conflicts and critically analyse the systems which enable them. This creates opportunities to identify points of resistance that might end the cycle of denial, conflict and harm.

Alongside this critical analysis, teams learn practical techniques like nonviolent communication which enable them to understand and resolve day-to-day conflicts, unblocking collaboration in the process.

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