When you think of the communicator you want to be, you might imagine someone who’s smooth, self-assured, generous… and who people love to listen to and learn from. But often the reality is different. We freeze, we get sweaty palms and our message doesn’t land. We find it difficult to read the room and we worry about the questions we might get asked. So we focus on what we know, doubling down on our arguments and trying to reinforce our position—which makes the problem worse.

Why do we end up so far away from the outcome we want?

Consider the people you need to communicate with. How do they see the world, what’s important to them and what do they want? Too often, we just don’t know. But what if there was a way to see exactly what each person wanted? What if, whenever you needed to communicate, you could be confident that you understood where each person was coming from and how you could help them?

Practical techniques for understanding the people you need to work with

The key to becoming the confident communicator you want to be isn’t doubling down on what you know, but instead getting better at understanding the people you need to work with.

Through a series of practical exercises you’ll learn four core techniques (saying yes, active listening, status and leadership styles) along with more advanced topics like public speaking. In our live courses you’ll also play out real life scenarios and get bespoke input on how to improve.

Because our training style focuses on live exercises instead of theory alone, you’ll see immediate results. Participants often tell us that their colleagues have noticed improvements in their communication right after the course.

Three options: live in person, live via Zoom or self-paced online

We offer two live courses based on the same curriculum, with 4–10 participants per cohort:

  • London intensive: 2 full days of in-person training
  • Live online training via Zoom: 4 × 2½ hour sessions (European & American timezones)

We also offer a self-paced online course which uses recorded videos to take you through the same curriculum, along with additional techniques that we don’t have time to cover in the live courses. This means you can learn whenever and wherever you want to. You can supplement this self-paced course with one-to-one coaching via Zoom.

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