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At Together London we specialise in communication skills. It’s all we do.

Whether you want to boost your career prospects by building your interpersonal skills, or you need to level up your presentation skills for an upcoming event, or you just want to refresh your existing skill-set, we can help. If you’re ready to improve your communication skills, you’ve come to the right place.

This page introduces our services, starting with the most popular options. If you have any questions or want help choosing the right service for you, get in touch.

Communication skills training

people practising techniques at a communication skills training course
Students learn active listening techniques at one of our communication skills training courses in London. Photo: Paul Clarke

Our communication skills training courses are our flagship service, the offering we’re best known for. Hundreds of professionals have completed our training, either in-person in London, live online from around the world or using our self-paced online learning platform.

We regularly hear from students that our courses are the best professional training they’ve ever attended! Often people report that they’re still using communication techniques that they learned on our courses, many years later.

Our training combines the theory of communication with practical exercises and workshop activities that get you using your new communication skills right away. You’ll try out new techniques with other students in your cohort and apply them to realistic workplace scenarios. You’ll even get a chance to problem-solve your own workplace communication challenges with a group of supportive professionals—your cohort.

And did we mention that the training is a lot of fun?

If you’re looking for hands-on training that will make you more effective in the workplace from day 1, sign up for one of our courses. You won’t be disappointed.

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Communication coaching

a communication coaching session via video call
A communication coaching session with Jonathan Kahn.

If you need direct, personalised input instead of group-based training, our communication coaching service is for you.

This service works for anyone who is looking for bespoke, one-to-one guidance and support to develop and improve their communication skills. It’s particularly suited to senior professionals, leaders or those who need a confidential environment.

Sessions are held by video call which lets Jonathan Kahn (Founder of Together London) coach clients from around the world. Different time zone? No problem.

You may be wondering what exactly communication coaching is. This isn’t life coaching, executive coaching or media skills training. It’s a specialised approach designed to simultaneously teach you new communication skills, provide bespoke feedback to speed up your learning and support you to work through workplace communication challenges.

Everything in your coaching programme is tailored to your specific needs. You’ll work with Jonathan to set goals, experiment with different approaches and measure your success. We offer one-off sessions, discounted blocks or an unlimited plan.

If a bespoke, one-to-one approach is what you need, sign up for our coaching service today.

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In-house training

tables and chairs laid out for an in-house training session
A bespoke training session hosted by Together London at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Photo: Paul Clarke

If you’re responsible for a team or want to embed effective communication skills across your organisation, our in-house training will suit you.

Bringing us into your organisation lets you tailor the training to the specific needs and pain points of your team. Learning together means that colleagues will have a shared reference point and will be more likely to support each other to keep practising the techniques. And by taking part yourself, you send a strong signal that leadership is serious about embedding effective communication into the way the business operates.

We’ve provided in-house training for leading UK organisations, from the Cabinet Office (UK Government) to Barclays, from Deliveroo to the British Oceanographic Data Centre, as well as smaller companies. Some clients ask us to return year after year to train different teams or departments.

We can organise training courses at your workplace, attend your offsite or deliver training online by video conference. If you want to bring communication skills training into your organisation, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

In-house training →

Bespoke services

We occasionally provide bespoke services for clients with specialised requirements. If you have a need that isn’t on this list, and you think we might be able to help, do get in touch. If it’s about communication skills, training or events we can normally help.

Planning and facilitation for complex, multi-stakeholder events

We are occasionally asked to facilitate and/or organise complex multi-stakeholder events where many conflicting viewpoints are represented. Our role is to help the client plan the event and design activities, communicate the goals and agenda, train staff on how to handle the different scenarios that may come up, and to facilitate on the day. We also help with harvesting outputs from events and chairing conversations within your team about what to do next.

Clients like Open Banking and Impact Hub King’s Cross trust us to manage their most complex events because of our expertise in dealing with stakeholders from all backgrounds, from CEOs to programmers. We speak the language of business, understand technology and are comfortable dealing with high status stakeholders, even when emotions run high. We also have specialised training in how to get apparently conflicting parties to agree on common goals and next actions, while maintaining a professional attitude throughout.

If you need to organise an event like this, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Organising conferences, retreats and offsites

Although we focus on communication skills training today, our roots are in conference organisation and retreats. We have, for example, organised a professional conference in London with attendees from more than 10 countries, helped an American company to bring their flagship conference to Europe for the first time and organised a leadership retreat on a remote clifftop venue in West Wales.

If you need help making a complex event work, and there is a communication skills angle there somewhere, we can probably help. Why not get in touch to discuss?