Events that foster resistance to oppressive power structures at work

Leadership retreat

Facing up to race, power and privilege

#dareconf leadership retreat
West Wales, 7–10 October 2019

For leaders who want to challenge oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, class and more, but find themselves implicated in the very systems they oppose. At this 3-day haven from the everyday, we’ll critically analyse the ways in which society protects leaders—and white people in particular—from recognising the workings of race, power and privilege. Participants will support each other to move beyond denial by confronting their own complicity in sustaining oppressive power structures. This will create the conditions for a courageous space in which the group can design practical measures to dismantle these structures, in the workplace and beyond.

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Work That Matters

conference about resisting meaningless work
London, 24–25 February 2020

Whisper it: if you feel like you’re stuck in a Kafka novel, unable to take the most basic steps towards fulfilling a job description that talked of making a difference, you’re not alone. People around the world are realising that they’re employed in what anthropologist David Graeber calls “bullshit jobs”: jobs so pointless, unnecessary or pernicious that even the employee can’t justify their existence (although they feel obliged to pretend otherwise.) How might we collectively reclaim meaningful work from the realm of bullshit, without losing the roofs over our heads? Join us in London in February to learn, connect and act in search of Work That Matters.

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