Most senior digital professionals are confident facilitating everyday workshops. But sometimes the stakes are higher. When the future of your product depends on the success of a workshop, it’s time to call the experts.

You know you’re dealing with a crucial workshop when:

  • there are multiple stakeholders with different perspectives and agendas
  • you’re working to an aggressive timescale which makes alignment crucial
  • the project requires both complex technological innovation and organisational transformation

Together London is trusted by organisations like OPEN BANKING to facilitate workshops that shape their flagship product development programmes. Our approach combines deep technology and design expertise with years of experience planning and running successful workshops.

We lead anything from boardroom stakeholder engagement sessions to multi-day interactive workshops in conference halls. Our standard service includes a day of event design, where we sit down with your team to agree on objectives, plan workshop activities and make sure we’ve identified all of your stakeholders and what their concerns might be. We also rehearse the types of challenges or conflicts that might arise so that your team is equipped to handle them on the day—with our help, of course.

If you have a crucial workshop coming up, arrange a free phone consultation to find out how we can make sure that it succeeds.

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