Some people radiate confidence and self-assurance, breezing their way through meetings, presentations and job interviews. They tend to be assigned the most desirable work, win pay rises, and get hired for senior jobs even when they’re less experienced or skilled than their colleagues.

As the cliché goes, building digital products is as much about collaboration as technical skills. So why does all the training focus on the latter? Too often we treat communication skills as a black box: you either have them or you don’t. But the “excellent communication skills” demanded by most tech job descriptions aren’t natural human traits, they’re specific learned behaviours, like:

  • projecting confidence in your ability to lead others while listening to their views
  • convincing diverse stakeholders that your proposals will achieve their goals
  • influencing people’s behaviour by navigating organisational hierarchies

You can learn to use these behaviours while maintaining an authentic communication style. If you know your technical skills are solid, but feel you’re being held back, this course is for you.

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